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Hana Sake Kohaku Plum Sake 300ml
SKU: 084391057621

Hana Sake Kohaku Plum Sake


Category Sake
Region Japan
Brand Hana Sake
Alcohol/vol 12.7%
This unique sake is made with a blend of junmai sake and Japanese plum extract. The plum extract is carefully derived from the succulent nanko variety plum produced in Wakayama Prefecture, the center of fine Japanese plum cultivation. Mildly sweet with a pleasant citrus-like acidity, Hana-Kohaku is a refreshing sake excellent on its own of paired with special dishes. Excellent for pairing with pork dishes (including pork shabu shabu, hot and sour pork, and sesame flavored yakiniku barbeque) and with desserts (ice cream, sponge cake, and fresh fruit.)